Venny | Vintage Fashion

Venny and I have been running into each other a lot over the past few months. We first met back in June while I was shooting for Greensboro Fashion Week’s model casting call. She came to audition and was picked to walk during the event in September. At that time I thought she was only a model but I would come to find that she has many talents.

Last month I ran into her again while I was working with one of my cosmetology clients. Venny just so happened to be one of the hair models. It was a long shoot and we were at my studio for most of the day. That was theĀ first time we had a chance to officially meet and talk business. We discussed doing a photo shoot that would be fashion based. At that point I found out that not only is she a model but she’s also a professional stylist with a focus on vintage looks. She also has experience with hair/makeup.






IĀ ended up having to change the shooting location at the last minute. I originally had another location in mind but with her colors, look, etc I think this location was 10 times better than the original. I usually photograph with artificial light but I chose to go with natural light and I’m glad I did. Everything worked cohesively and I feel the photos tell a story. I had a great time working with Venny and hope to again in the future! Follow me on Facebook and IG for more in depth work and behind the scenes photos.

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