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Winter Wonderland in Greensboro, NC


Last week I got the chance to do my very first portrait session in the snow. Now, I have done many photography sessions the day after a snow storm but never while it was actually happening. It’s something I hoped to have the opportunity to do and during the first snowfall of 2018 I made it happen.

Greensboro Portrait Photographer
Enjoying the snowfall
Triad Editorial Photographer
Creative Headshot

The forecast was calling for snow a few days prior so I contacted one of my clients that had recently notified me that she was ready to book a creative photography session once she could think of something. I ran the idea of doing the snow shoot by her and she was all in for it. We planned everything

Greensboro Portrait Photographer
Staying warm during the Winter

out and kept our fingers crossed in hopes of some snowfall on the expected day. When I awoke at 8:00am and looked out the window all I saw was a white wonderland. Everything was covered and the snow was steadily coming down. I immediately texted Venny and confirmed if she was still ok to shoot and fortunately she was.

I drove to her house and we set up in her backyard. As you can imagine it was freezing cold. I think the high was like 21 degrees that day and we were pounded by snow the entire time. We shot for nearly 30mins before calling it a wrap. She did an amazing job despite being cold, slipping, having snow blow in her face, etc. This was one of the most fun sessions I have had in quite awhile.

Greensboro Editorial Photographer
Portrait session in the snow

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